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In-town pool #1
Adrian Carrasquillo • BuzzFeed
May 1, 2017: 12:11 PM

Your pool was ushered to the Kennedy Garden in time to see small business administrator Linda McMahon introduce Vice President Mike Pence to approximately 100 members of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) at 11:38 am on a day that feels warmer than the current 77 degrees.

"You might be small and community banks but you have a big, big impact on a growing American economy," Pence said. Trump knows, "when community banks are strong, America is strong."

Under President Donald Trump "Dodd-Frank's days are numbered," Pence said, to a round of applause and scattered "woops" from bankers, adding that dismantling Dodd-Frank was a major part of the president's economic agenda.

As the crowd waited for POTUS after Pence spoke a military band played a soothing string rendition of Minuet by Boccherini that was really quite nice.

The president emerged to applause at 12:01 pm in a navy suit with a striped blue and white tie as the community bankers stood up and put on red "Make Community Banking Great Again!" hats in the style of his campaign hats

"Sit down please, beautiful hats," Trump said, thanking Cam Fine for leading the ICBA and Linda McMahon. National economic council director Gary Cohn was with him.

The president said he has worked to "rollback burdensome regulations" and again said the administration is working to get rid of Dodd-Frank.

"We're proposing one of the largest tax cuts in history even larger than Ronald Reagan," Trump said.

The president mistakenly believed the bankers were wearing "Make America Great Again" hats and said "that's what we're going to do, make America great again." The community bankers applauded.

After speaking Trump appeared to sign some hats in the front from enterprising bankers who brought sharpies. Then he quickly returned to the microphone to say "no bad loans, please," to laughs before exiting the Kennedy Garden.

ICBA advocates for regulations tied to the size of a bank, their business model, risk and complexity to create a tiered system of regulations. The Trump administration has previously noted that the number of small banks has dropped 30% since 2008.

The president previously met with the head of the ICBA and CEOs of other community banks in March where he promised to strip away regulations and ensure small businesses have access to capital.

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