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VPOTUS pool report 1 - Pearl Harbor/Hickam
Andrew Beatty • Agence France-Presse
April 24, 2017: 01:32 PM

Your pool was pre-set at the Hale Aina Dinning Facility at Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam.

Inside, about 110 personnel from all five services were sat on several long tables beneath ceiling fans eating spaghetti, mac and cheese and other canteen staples.

Above the main section of three long tables there was a framed image with an embossed brass pig hanging upside down and surrounded by fruit, as you might see at a luau.

At 12:34 the Vice President entered the hall with a tray of food. It looked like a cheese burger, salad and a Diet Pepsi.

"Hi everybody" he remarked, prompting a cacophony of "hello sir".

The VP then sat down at an empty spot in the middle of one table opposite Admiral Harris (a real sighting this time) and chatted and ate with the troops.

After a little 10-15 minutes he stood up and with a service member and said "sailor of the year right here!" and posed for some snaps. The sailor, Cryptologic Technician Chief Petty Officer Select Courtney Evers, flashed a shaka hand gesture.

The VP then moved to a second table and sat down "can we add a chair... who is coming to lunch?"

The VP chatted for another ten-fifteen minutes and moved to the next table, posing for photos with a shaka sign of his own.

He chatted with the personnel largely out of your poolers ear shot, but TV's boom mic heard a serviceman tell VP Pence about how he was the son of migrants and how much it meant for him to serve. The VP was said to respond with the story of his own family's migration from Ireland.

Our colleagues in TV pool have the audio.

Admiral Harris then introduced the VP to a podium for remarks, hailing him as a great American patriot who knows America is a Pacific power.

VPOTUS began by saying he was "humbled" to be there and brought greeting from President Trump.

"We'll be back to work at the White House tomorrow morning" he said.

He said President Trump had "'Just tell em I'm proud of them'".

He said that in "uncertain times" POTUS is going to fight for the military and replenish the "arsenal of democracy."

He framed the current spending bill as an example of that commitment.

He wrapped by saying "god bless you, thank you for your service, and god bless America."

At 13:23 the pool is leaving to the motorcade as VPOTUS shakes some hands.

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