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VPOTUS pool report 1 - zoo
Andrew Beatty • Agence France-Presse
April 23, 2017: 12:30 PM

G'day from Sydney.

At 10:46 he VPOTUS motorcade left the hotel and made its way over Sydney Harbor Bridge arriving at Taronga Zoo at 10:59.

Your pool pre-set in a sandy enclosure were several kangaroos and an emu were roaming.

The emu was pretty inquisitive and looked like it might 'shirt-front' your pool, as our hosts might stay.

The kangaroos were more interested in lying around enjoying the beautiful morning sun.

The Vice President, his wife and two daughters walked down the meandering path of the enclosure. A few agents walked ahead eying Widji the emu warily.

The Vice President and Mr Pence took turns holding a bushel of leaves that the emu pecked away at. Audrey Pence and the Vice President petted the animal and the latter asked how much it weights, the zookeeper said 45 kilos. Charlotte Pence seemed a little less enthusiastic about getting close, but came round.

The VP then walked toward a small kangaroo laying akimbo in the sand, which the whole family petted.

"That's my usual position on Sunday afternoon" the VP joked.

The roo's name was Penny.

As we were leaving a fully kitted Australian tactical team with semi-automatic rifles filed past Widji.

From there VPOTUS and crew went to the "roar and snore" were you can sleep in very nice tents inside the zoo with a stunning view of the harbor.

The family went out on a lookout, admired the view for a moment and then were brought a baby possum, which they petted. The little guy wrapped its prehensile tail around Charlotte's finger.

After that a spiky echidna was brought out, then an owl which the president said was "not quite sure about the press." The girls posed for a picture with it.

Last up, the main event, was Bai'yali the koala, which the zookeeper put on at small tree for the group to admire. The VP petted it, and the group posed for some photos.

The guide explained that koalas sleep most of the time, the VP joked that he called them college students.

At 12:25 the group are headed into one of the tents for lunch and the pool is heading down to the quay, readying for our next move.

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