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The 25 Most Viewed Documents Since 2008
#1 John F. Kennedy
Inaugural Address
#2 Republican Party Platforms
Republican Party Platform of 1956
#3 Democratic Party Platforms
2008 Democratic Party Platform
#4 Republican Party Platforms
2008 Republican Party Platform
#5 John F. Kennedy
Executive Order 10990 - Reestablishing the Federal Safety Council
#6 Democratic Party Platforms
2012 Democratic Party Platform
#7 Republican Party Platforms
2012 Republican Party Platform
#8 George W. Bush
Address to the Nation on the Terrorist Attacks
#9 Ronald Reagan
Inaugural Address
#10 John F. Kennedy
Executive Order 11110 - Amendment of Executive Order No. 10289 as Amended, Relating to the Performance of Certain Functions Affecting the Department of the Treasury
#11 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Fireside Chat on Banking
#12 Barack Obama
Inaugural Address
#13 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Letter on the Resolution of Federation of Federal Employees Against Strikes in Federal Service
#14 John F. Kennedy
Remarks at a Dinner Honoring Nobel Prize Winners of the Western Hemisphere
#15 Franklin D. Roosevelt
1944 State of the Union Message to Congress
#16 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Inaugural Address
#17 Barack Obama
Executive Order 13603 - National Defense Resources Preparedness
#18 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Executive Order 6102 - Requiring Gold Coin, Gold Bullion and Gold Certificates to Be Delivered to the Government
#19 Republican Party Platforms
Republican Party Platform of 1860
#20 George Bush
Executive Order 12803 - Infrastructure Privatization
#21 Abraham Lincoln
Inaugural Address
#22 George Washington
First Annual Message to Congress on the State of the Union
#23 William J. Clinton
Inaugural Address
#24 Democratic Party Platforms
Democratic Party Platform of 1960
#25 John F. Kennedy
Address of Senator John F. Kennedy Accepting the Democratic Party Nomination for the Presidency of the United States - Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles

The American Presidency Project (APP), non-profit and non-partisan, is the leading source of presidential documents on the internet. Our archives contain 118,010 documents and are growing rapidly.

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2012 incumbent Biden n/a August 11 Ryan 16
2008 August 23 Biden 2 August 29 Palin 3
2004 July 6 Edwards 20 incumbent Cheney n/a
2000 August 8 Lieberman 6 July 25 Cheney 6
1996 incumbent Gore n/a August 11 Kemp 1
1992 July 9 Gore 4 incumbent Quayle n/a
1988 July 13 Bentsen 5 August 17 Quayle -2
1984 July 12 Ferraro 4 incumbent Bush n/a
1980 incumbent Mondale n/a July 17 Bush -3
1976 July 15 Mondale -3 August 19 Dole -3
1972 July 13 Eagleton* -3 incumbent Agnew n/a
1968 August 29 Muskie -3 August 8 Agnew -3
* Eagleton withdrew on 8/1/72 and was replaced by Sargent Shriver

Length in Words of Political Party Platforms
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Lyndon B. Johnson Today in History
49  years  ago
Lyndon B. Johnson
Remarks to the Nation After Authorizing the Use of Federal Troops in Detroit
July 24, 1967
IN THE early morning today, Governor Romney communicated with Attorney General Ramsey Clark and told him of the extreme disorder in Detroit, Michigan. The Attorney General kept me advised throughout the morning.

At 10:56 this morning, I received a wire from Governor Romney officially requesting that Federal troops be dispatched to Michigan. This wire had been sent at 10:46 a.m.

At 11:02 a.m. this morning, I instructed the Secretary of Defense, Mr. McNamara, to initiate the movement of the troops which the Governor had requested.

At the same time, I advised the Governor by telegram that the troops would be sent to Selfridge Air Base just northeast of Detroit and would be available to support and to assist the some 8,000 Michigan National Guardsmen and the several thousand State and local police under the command of Governor Romney and the mayor of Detroit. I informed the Governor that these troops would arrive this afternoon.

I also informed the Governor that immediately Mr. ...read full document

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