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The American Presidency Project is the only online resource that has consolidated, coded, and organized into a single searchable database:
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The 25 Most Viewed Documents Since 2008
#1 John F. Kennedy
Inaugural Address
#2 Republican Party Platforms
Republican Party Platform of 1956
#3 Democratic Party Platforms
2008 Democratic Party Platform
#4 Republican Party Platforms
2008 Republican Party Platform
#5 John F. Kennedy
Executive Order 10990 - Reestablishing the Federal Safety Council
#6 Democratic Party Platforms
2012 Democratic Party Platform
#7 Republican Party Platforms
2012 Republican Party Platform
#8 George W. Bush
Address to the Nation on the Terrorist Attacks
#9 Ronald Reagan
Inaugural Address
#10 John F. Kennedy
Executive Order 11110 - Amendment of Executive Order No. 10289 as Amended, Relating to the Performance of Certain Functions Affecting the Department of the Treasury
#11 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Fireside Chat on Banking
#12 Barack Obama
Inaugural Address
#13 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Letter on the Resolution of Federation of Federal Employees Against Strikes in Federal Service
#14 John F. Kennedy
Remarks at a Dinner Honoring Nobel Prize Winners of the Western Hemisphere
#15 Franklin D. Roosevelt
1944 State of the Union Message to Congress
#16 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Inaugural Address
#17 Barack Obama
Executive Order 13603 - National Defense Resources Preparedness
#18 Franklin D. Roosevelt
Executive Order 6102 - Requiring Gold Coin, Gold Bullion and Gold Certificates to Be Delivered to the Government
#19 Republican Party Platforms
Republican Party Platform of 1860
#20 George Bush
Executive Order 12803 - Infrastructure Privatization
#21 Abraham Lincoln
Inaugural Address
#22 George Washington
First Annual Message to Congress on the State of the Union
#23 William J. Clinton
Inaugural Address
#24 Democratic Party Platforms
Democratic Party Platform of 1960
#25 John F. Kennedy
Address of Senator John F. Kennedy Accepting the Democratic Party Nomination for the Presidency of the United States - Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles

The American Presidency Project (APP), non-profit and non-partisan, is the leading source of presidential documents on the internet. Our archives contain 118,828 documents and are growing rapidly.

The APP, hosted at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has been a collaboration between John T. Woolley (UCSB) and Gerhard Peters (Citrus College) since 1999.
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Twenty-three Years Ago, Bill Clinton Predicted a "First Man" in the White House
An American Presidency Project Compilation
SANTA BARBARA (Aug. 1, 2016) — Presidents starting at least with Harry Truman, have met with "Girls Nation" delegates at the White House. Often the President's remarks turned to the future careers of the young women in the group. John Kennedy surmised that, "it may not be possible for you to be President." But, he added, "I am sure we are talking to a future First Lady."

Truman, Carter. and Clinton all spoke encouragingly of the possibility for the girls of becoming president. Truman warned in 1949 that in the future, "you might have this terrible job that I have."

Carter observed that the Constitution did not guarantee equality to women, and advocated passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. He added that "I don't have any doubt that before too long we will have our first woman President."

Bill Clinton recalled Kennedy's statement....read full article
Nominating Convention Resources
Some "Firsts" and Interesting Facts at Presidential Nominating Conventions
Ballots Required to Nominate Candidates at National Conventions
List of Cities That Have Hosted National Conventions
Political Party Platforms
Nomination Acceptance Speeches
Days Before or After the First Day of Convention Vice-Presidential Nominees Were Selected
The Post-Convention Bounce in Voters' Preference
Length in Words of Political Party Platforms
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Lyndon B. Johnson Today in History
52  years  ago
Lyndon B. Johnson
Remarks Before the National Convention Upon Recommending the Nomination of Hubert Humphrey as Vice President
August 26, 1964
Mr. Chairman, my fellow Americans, my fellow Democrats, columnists and commentators:

It is wonderful to be here with you tonight, but do we really need all of these lights on?

I thank the convention for the honor it has done me. I will be with you tomorrow to begin the march toward an overwhelming victory for our party and for our Nation.

Four years ago one of our greatest Americans stood before this Democratic Convention, John F. Kennedy of the State of Massachusetts. We grieved at his loss, but we carried on, and we have fulfilled his program without flinching for one moment.

In the last 3 days, the noble Democrats who are delegates to this convention have made a great start toward a great Democratic victory. You have built a platform on which I am proud to stand, a platform built on solid performance and framed for a future of prosperity and peace.

In your settlement of the problems of credentials, you have found a fair answer to honest differences among honora ...read full document

Election Resources
The Document Archive Contains 118,828 Records
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• Radio & TV Correspondents Dinners 40   • Addresses to Foreign Legislatures 74
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