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  Executive Orders: J.Q. Adams - Trump
  Also see our summary data page

Special note published on April 26, 2017: In our summary page (linked above), we explain that our collection of executive order texts is complete beginning with the administration of Harry S. Truman through the present. For the period of time prior to that, we have a sporadic collection obatined from various publications. The archives of the American Presidency Project continues to grow as we obtain and digitize original texts. Executive order counts per term are available by clicking this link.

President Date Title
Donald J. Trump January 3, 2018 Executive Order 13820—Termination of Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity
Donald J. Trump January 8, 2018 Executive Order 13821—Streamlining and Expediting Requests To Locate Broadband Facilities in Rural America
Donald J. Trump January 9, 2018 Executive Order 13822—Supporting Our Veterans During Their Transition From Uniformed Service to Civilian Life
Donald J. Trump January 30, 2018 Executive Order 13823—Protecting America Through Lawful Detention of Terrorists
Donald J. Trump February 26, 2018 Executive Order 13824—President's Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition
Donald J. Trump March 1, 2018 Executive Order 13825—2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States
Donald J. Trump March 7, 2018 Executive Order 13826—Federal Interagency Council on Crime Prevention and Improving Reentry
Donald J. Trump March 19, 2018 Executive Order 13827—Taking Additional Steps To Address the Situation in Venezuela
Donald J. Trump April 10, 2018 Executive Order 13828—Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility
Donald J. Trump April 12, 2018 Executive Order 13829—Task Force on the United States Postal System
Donald J. Trump April 20, 2018 Executive Order 13830—Delegation of Authority To Approve Certain Military Decorations
Donald J. Trump May 3, 2018 Executive Order 13831—Establishment of a White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative
Donald J. Trump May 9, 2018 Executive Order 13832—Enhancing Noncompetitive Civil Service Appointments of Military Spouses
Donald J. Trump May 15, 2018 Executive Order 13833—Enhancing the Effectiveness of Agency Chief Information Officers
Donald J. Trump May 17, 2018 Executive Order 13834—Efficient Federal Operations
Donald J. Trump May 21, 2018 Executive Order 13835—Prohibiting Certain Additional Transactions With Respect to Venezuela
Donald J. Trump May 25, 2018 Executive Order 13836—Developing Efficient, Effective, and Cost-Reducing Approaches to Federal Sector Collective Bargaining
Donald J. Trump May 25, 2018 Executive Order 13837—Ensuring Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency in Taxpayer-Funded Union Time Use
Donald J. Trump May 25, 2018 Executive Order 13838—Exemption From Executive Order 13658 for Recreational Services on Federal Lands
Donald J. Trump May 25, 2018 Executive Order 13839—Promoting Accountability and Streamlining Removal Procedures Consistent With Merit System Principles
Donald J. Trump June 19, 2018 Executive Order 13840—Ocean Policy To Advance the Economic, Security, and Environmental Interests of the United States
Donald J. Trump June 20, 2018 Executive Order 13841—Affording Congress an Opportunity To Address Family Separation
Donald J. Trump July 10, 2018 Executive Order 13842—Establishing an Exception to Competitive Examining Rules for Appointment to Certain Positions in the United States Marshals Service, Department of Justice
Donald J. Trump July 10, 2018 Executive Order 13843—Excepting Administrative Law Judges From the Competitive Service
Donald J. Trump July 11, 2018 Executive Order 13844—Establishment of the Task Force on Market Integrity and Consumer Fraud
Donald J. Trump July 19, 2018 Executive Order 13845—Establishing the President's National Council for the American Worker
Donald J. Trump August 6, 2018 Executive Order 13846—Reimposing Certain Sanctions With Respect to Iran
Donald J. Trump August 31, 2018 Executive Order 13847—Strengthening Retirement Security in America
Donald J. Trump September 12, 2018 Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election
Donald J. Trump September 20, 2018 Executive Order - Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act

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